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Facial Scrub & Mask - Milky Way (Anti-Aging)

Facial Scrub & Mask - Milky Way (Anti-Aging)

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This anti-aging face scrub and mask increases circulation, brightens dull skin, and diminishes fine lines. Lactic acid in dry milk helps to lighten and balance skin tone. Enjoy blemish-free, smooth, and youthful skin after using Milky Way Face Scrub and Mask.


In a glass bowl, mix dry mask ingredients thoroughly with liquid to make a smooth creamy paste. Apply to freshly cleansed face. Rub in light circular motion to use as scrub. Let the mask dry completely before washing off.

Dry skin: Mix 1-1.5 tsp with yogurt/milk/water

Oily skin: Mix 1-1.5 tsp with honey/rosewater/water


Dry milk, ground oats powder, rose petal powder, almond flour, brown rice powder, white rice powder, dried coconut flour, frankincense essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, rosemary essential oil.



Weight 3 oz
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