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StarTribune Features about Silk Road Wellness Growing in Minnesota

Star Tribune features an article about Annie and Silk Road Wellness becoming the first halal-certified business at the mall.

In 2019, Qaiser’s products became halal-certified, meaning the manufacturing of the products follow halal principles. The products don’t contain pork or any of its byproducts, are alcohol-free, toxin-free and don’t contain ingredients or are processed in ways that are forbidden under Islamic law.

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Featured article on “natural awakenings twin cities”

Silk Road Wellness is a family-operated business. Our quest for a natural holistic lifestyle led us to create a natural skincare line that focuses on many South Asian home remedies and prophetic traditions that we heard about as children.

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Silk Road Wellness is the first natural skincare and wellness brand in the USA, inspired by Islamic traditions and halal principles. Our luxurious handcrafted products are halal-certified and alcohol-free, designed to accommodate the personal beliefs of the largest overlooked market in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry.


MPR NEWS PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE ABOUT halal beauty products meet religious standards

Silk Road Wellness, a halal-certified, natural line of lotions, oils, lip balms, butters and even an herbal tooth polish blend. An agency reviewed the ingredients and certified these products as halal.

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Featured In 2021 Gift Guides!

Silk Road Wellness has started a all new gift card option and It has featured in three guides as well.

Arab magazine, Tajmeeli features the product of Silk Road Wellness, Read about it in the article.

Silk Road Bergamot/Musk Lotion Bar deeply moisturizes the skin, as well as reducing its susceptibility to pollutants and environmental stresses thanks to its protective properties that support the skin’s barrier. The product is available in 3 ounce bars

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